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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My own confession

I think I should confess once a week.

After that last post where I made myself sound so much better than the Hoarders on TV.

So here is my disgusting clutter confession for the week:

I don't eat bread heels.

Often there are five or six bags of bread heels in my kitchen just waiting to be tossed. (They certainly aren't going to be eaten!) I don't know why I can't throw them out. There's one in my kitchen right now in fact, which is why I thought to confess it. I mean, I know I am not going to eat them-- maybe I hope someone else will? It feels wasteful somehow, and it probably is. But bread heels on store bought bread are gross tasting. And so is crust, which I also don't eat. (Nearly 30 and still eating around the crust-- I'm an ADULT!)

So that's it. You can all be grossed out now by my hoarding habit.

1 comment:

  1. I have two options for you! =)
    1) turn them inside out and make a sandwich for your kids. PB&J is the best because it's really stuck together. They don't even realize it's the crust and the edges don't look like they have any crust either!
    2) Give them to me and I'll feed them to my chickens! =) Then they're not wasted

    Cute Blog! Keep up the great work! I'm DYING to do a little de-cluttering myself.. however if I turn my back on the kids they mess something else up! Eeee!

    ~Dani Graham