The challenge

The Challenge

Watching the show Hoarders, gave me chills and anxiety, and though I don't consider myself a hoarder quite yet, I really don't want to get to that place.  I have a tendency to love my things a little too much and we have more "stuff" than I am willing to manage on a regular basis...

The challenge is to avoid needless spending while creating a clutter free and "stuff" free life.  My goal is to save money, not necessarily by getting the best deal, but by seriously considering what kinds of things are worthy of my money.

I am still in the process of working out the rules of this challenge.  So far here is what I have:

1. No garage sale attendance.  I may hold my own garage sales, but never shop them.  Purchases made on craigslist are fine as long as it abides the guidelines of rules 2 and 4.

2. If something comes in the house, something must leave the house.

3. All gifts given for birthdays and other occasions must be homemade, handmade or regifted gifts, with kids I think it would be impossible to make this rule enforced for Christmas, but I'd sure like to try

4. One box of stuff must be donated to charity each week

5.Anything not deemed as a need will be put on a 3 month waiting list and re-evaluated.

5. Before purchasing a non-essential item, I must visualize myself using it often and visualize the place where it will be stored.  If this doesn't happen within a few minutes, I cannot buy the item.

6. Each month will have a new challenge