The challenge

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Now is the time...

... to test my resolve.

I have not blogged much on this blog, but I have kept my commitment to not going to garage sales thus far.

Some of the other rules... not as much. But I am recommitting to not letting things come in without letting things go out. Also, I need to donate WAY more stuff. I did have a baby, so that's kind of an excuse. Kind of.

But the point is, I started this challenge last September which is right around the time garage sales start slowing down and it is now June. PRIME GARAGE SALE TIME. The time of year when every Friday and Saturday there is a garage sale on EVERY CORNER...

Now, one thing I have found these past few months is that people have garage sales or estate sales or moving sales all year long. I know this because I have seen them, because when there is something you are resolved to stay away from, temptation is sure to be in your face all the time. Every time I see the neon colored SALE sign or the cardboard or whatever, I can't stop myself from rubber necking. My heart races, but I keep on moving.

But the tough part starts now. Just this morning as I drove with my family through the sunny streets of our town, I couldn't help but think about the many sunny mornings I went garage sale-ing for fun. Happy memories of deals to be had... I only remember a few of the things that I bought.

It's also going to be tough because I had a baby in February. And she needs stuff. And I gave most of my old baby stuff away. And guess where you get the best deals on baby stuff? And guess how many garage sales around here have tons of baby stuff to hock? (If you guessed 90%, you're probably right).

So I just have to hang tight a little longer. 3 more months. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

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