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Friday, September 10, 2010

First De-hoard Project: Mary Kay Closet

I am a big fan of visual cleaning. Visual cleaning basically means when people come over, you shove everything in a closet. It is the equivalent of looking good outwardly but being crappy on the inside.

A few months after my youngest was born, I started a Mary Kay business. I got way into it, and I totally love everything about the company. I recently re-evaluated my goals regarding my business and decided that I need to get rid of some stuff since I have an entire closet filled with Mary Kay product, pamphlets, bags and other paraphernalia. The closet was so bad you couldn't even walk in there. I am sad to say I didn't photograph it, but here is what came out of the closet, so to speak:
Now, before I show the pictures, I want to say that while I sometimes roll my eyes at the Hoarders on Television, I found myself sometimes agonizing over certain things. Samplers for example, I found hard to let go of. "But I paid for that! But I might use it!" I said to myself. Puh-leeze. If I ever decide to hold classes again, I will need new stuff by that time anyway.

The other thing I found myself saying was, "this is still good, someone else could use it." Again, eye roll people. That is part of what got my closet into such a mess! Other people giving me their old outdated stuff in the hopes that I could use it. How many Bronze 607 foundations does a white girl with no black customers need? (I would love to have black customers by the way, I just happen to live in a very white/Asian community.)

Some of the process was agonizing, but most was liberating! So on to more pictures.

A bunch of garbage and recycling:

I found this holiday gift from a couple of years ago. I sold the product but still had some cocoa in it. Do you know how many times I have wanted hot cocoa, but we didn't "have any"?

I took a break, and drank the cocoa.

Here is my finished closet. I did keep some stuff, since I do still have customers who need product. You many not be impressed, but I can walk in there!

Here is a detail of all my product:

And my lipsticks:

Now one of the best parts is that I moved a bunch of product back in here, gave my husband back his cooler and was able to use my display case in my front room for my childhood Barbie collection. Pictures of that to come...


  1. your new blog looks great! you inspire me - i have a whole lot of decluttering and organizing to do...

  2. you need Scotty to come build some shelves in there for you. :)

  3. I need Scotty to build a lot of things in our house, LOL.

  4. We have the same little black filing box. :)